Everyone loves a good story.We are shaped by the good or bad stories we hear and tell. About others and about ourselves.To others and to ourselves.Storytelling not just heals our body,mind and spirit but wires our minds for good.At Storynest we focus on Stories that bring out love, courage,hope, strength and most importantly our great ability to heal ourselves.Stories that connect us to each other and
ultimately takes us all in the same path… that of healing and  hope.There is comparison, no putting anyone down and not even discussing issues if one doesn’t want to.Largely using Gestalt work and NLP in the healing processes because that’s what helped me the most and I  give out myself when I do that and help u in discovering the fact that”All the resources we need are in ourselves” Rev Richard McHugh at Storynests,
We love, care and help you discover your own healing powers.

Sherin Mathews

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