Our certified basic course on Oration Skills (Speech):  (50 hours)

This course is designed to make your kid a great orator. We train your kid in Storytelling, speech delivery, poetry recitation, elocution, debates etc. We specialise in training, their voice, accent neutralization, voice modulation, body language, facial expression, use of space, mike, eye contact, stage presence, confidence building and removing fear from their minds related  to speaking.

Certified advanced course: (50 hours)

We train our speakers to get in to emotional deliveries, the orations will be character rich and emotion specific where they will learn to act out the delivery. This will include learning and getting the confidence to host programs and audience interaction.
(Our advanced students will get a chance to host or interview on our, you tube channel)
Once our kids at Story nest have completed these 100 hours with us, they will be ready to take on the stage or mike or an audience anywhere in the world and love it for a life time.
We at Story nest use NLP techniques and understanding largely (neuro Linguistic Programming) to take our kids to their higher level.

Creative writing: 

Basic:  (50 hours)Writing more than they are taught to in school about a topic. Writing beautifully and that which makes perfect sense. Creative writing once understood can be used for every subject from science to literature.

Advanced Creative writing: (50 hours) From writing formal and informal letters to writing compositions, essays, stories, autobiographies, biographies, personal blogs we will do it all.

Mind programming….

Our speciality

We will design customised audios which in 3 months time promises to heal diseases, over come fears, build confidence and help parents with their issues as well, related to the kids and otherwise. These audios are exclusive Story nest rights specifically designed to cater to a particular client. We will not be held responsible in any way if someone chooses to share and the other party gets into a mind conflict. We advise our most valued clients not to get into mind challenging complications. If replicated and used for another kid or adult might cause harm as it was intended with a particular client and his or her own life issues which obviously will be different for anybody elses.

Customized Program Of Storynest :

(exclusively for Sr Kg)

This is my favourite batch and has been since many years. It never amazes to fail me to see what all these tiny tots can achieve in a year’s time. Finally….. I have designed a fabulous program that’s just for them…It includes, Storytelling…(our stories are elaborate and structured, around inspiration and leadership mostly inspired by NLP and written by Ms Sherin Mathews) at Story nest the kids just don’t listen to stories but they, tell J and our young tellers have been telling at our Story nest Café events with aplomb and enthusiasm. It���s quite an endearing sight. Vocabulary building activities which includes…speeches, opposites, synonyms, genders, noun, similies, occupations, elaborate Solar system know how, making a project on the same and trip to the planetarium, reading (our Sr. Kg kids at Story nest are expert readers by December) AND VOIALA………We promise to activate every kid’s mid brain free of cost���.. which usually costs Rs.15 thousand and 14 hours of intense training program at a stretch accompanied with another 12 hours of follow ups. We do it all….. and are so proud that it happens all under the same roof of Story nest.