Storynest Events

Storytelling workshop is an event where the Why, How, When and Effective Storytelling will  be taught to adult participants.

Storynest will be hosting 50 summer camps for McDonal’s fast food chain in summer throughout Mumbai. Our Storytellers will entertain the kids with our own stories and will teach them how to tell one too.

At Storytelling event at Coimbatore, we will be doing storytelling on Pied Piper of Hamelin through a musical. There will be dance, drama, dialogue delivery and stage presence of 100 plus kids at the same time on the same stage. This will be a one off performance by 100 kids organised by a wonderful organisation called “I read” owned by Bijithra Jagadesh Kumar from Coimbatore.

Cuban Storytelling event is a mega International Storytelling event where international Storytellers will be coming to share their stories and perform for adult audience. Sherin Mathews will once again represent India at this platform after her successful performance at the International Storytelling Festival in Iran.


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