About Founder

Sherin Mathews

Sherin Mathews has been working with children and adults since last 12 years…..She has been influenced by Oprah Winfrey, Maya Angelou,Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Rev.Fr.PJ Joseph, Dr Richard Mc Hugh to name a few.Studying and experimenting on the emotional well-being of adults, she has often wondered how beautiful it would be to offer these precious modalities to children, thus began her endeavour first time ever in the world to use NLP and Gestalt work with children……To her amazement, children were exceptionally receptive and benefited in many ways and the change was faster and more effective, as it directly worked with their subconscious.Sherin believes there is nothing more powerful than “a made up mind” and the challenge lied in making up a mind that could not falter, that would know what is fear but would not stop because of it, a mind that had past traumas but could overcome it, a mind that had confidence to build up its confidence, a mind that would be so sure of the God and the power inside it that nothing would stop it from being what each of us are meant to be by the Infinite Intelligence/ Universe/ God. Keeping all this in mind….. She has developed a unique one of its kind programme where she works with parents, students and teachers���.thus catering to a holistic development and phenomenal change in children.

    • Trained in Dream therapy by Rev. Fr. P.J. Joseph, the only certified dream analyst in
    • Completed a Master Practitoner training in Neuro Linguistic Programming by Rev. Fr.
      Richard McHugh
    • Trained in Gestalt therapy by Dr. Sampoorna.
    • Trained in Metaphor therapy and parenting workshop by Dr. Kirti Bakshi.
    • Trained in Storytelling and Puppetry at Kathalaya Bangalore, by Mrs.Geeta Ramanian, an International Storyteller and Dr. Mirella Forsberg Ahlcrona, a famous International Puppeteer and Head of Early Childhood Education at the University of Skovde, Sweden.
    • Studied Creative techniques in Education by Dr. Mirella Forsberg from the University of Sweden.
    • Studied animation in Stories by Ajit Rao, a story and animation expert at Pune, Maharashtra.
    • Attended intensive Manford Manpower Empowering workshop conducted by Mr.
      Sukhdeepak Malviya – CEO and Chief Facilitator of M-Power Organization
      Development and Training Centre.
    • New Code NLP practitioner course by Charles Saldana (Ambassador for NLP in India)
    • Completed “BARS” access consciousness Certified program by  Mr. Ajit Krishnan renouned healer
    • Completed EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) by Mr Ajit Krishnan renouned Healer.
    • Completed “Tools of The Spirit” Certified program by none other than Dr. Richard Mc.Hugh.
    • Completed Certified course in NLP IN Health by Dr. Richard Mc Hugh

About storynest

Story nest is a developmental center that fosters confidence & beliefs in young minds through the medium of storytelling. At Story nest we use storytelling as a medium through which formative years of young minds are tuned to become aware of the resources necessary to find answers within each person. Our stories, both adapted & original works are carefully selected to present the possible choices one could be faced with in life.

Mission: To create & narrate stories that will give children, of all age groups, an understanding of the importance of choices in life. This is done through stories that will inspire them, make them aware of their strengths and the ways in which they can use it constructively.

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